How Do You Choose Who Gets a Ventilator?

If ventilators get scarce in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, which patients will get one of these life-saving machines? Who will decide and how? Are there any guidelines in place? What’s considered fair and just?

ADHD in Girls

Fidgeting with one’s hands and feet. Not staying seated. Interrupting instead of waiting for a turn to speak…

Panic Strategy

Panic is good. In the right context, of course. The symptoms of panic—a racing heart, rapid breathing, sweating—strike when our bodies are mobilizing to fight or flee, says Elizabeth Duval, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan…

When a Dog Bites

When your pooch is fighting with another dog, you could easily become the casualty. As you try to snatch your pet’s collar, she swings around and bites your arm, leaving a nasty wound…

The Ties That Bind

For decades, Everett and Claire McNamara were inseparable. Everett had worked at a noisy book…

Tim Zaal

Can Hate Be Healed?

Can hate be healed? The question has been central to Tim Zaal’s life. When Zaal…

Baggage Check

It’s a tale of two men. Alfred Paine began life in wealth and privilege. His…

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